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I am currently building six guitar models, which include four "standard" six-strings ranging in size from a "Super Parlor" through a "Compact Jumbo". I also build a specialized 7-string guitar configuration which comes standard with a compound Venetian cutaway, as well as two versions of Baritone guitars. You can now download a Models Catalog covering Models 1–4 in PDF format in either medium resolution (984k) or high resolution (3,059k) versions. Like the TNG Brochure and Price List, the Models Catalog is a two page file designed to be printed back-to-back on standard "letter size" paper and folded in half to make a 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" booklet.

Six-String Models

TNG Model 1 Grand Auditorium 414k PDF | 2,018k PDF An original narrow-waisted Grand Auditorium size instrument with a 16” wide lower bout. “A beautiful guitar with a nice blend of power, fullness and clarity.” Excels with open tunings and longer scales.

TNG Model 2 Grand Concert 421k PDF | 2,055k PDF A slightly smaller Grand Concert size version of the Model 1, with a 15-1/2” lower bout. Superb for those who play exclusively in standard tuning or prefer the tighter, more focused sound provided by a medium-sized body.

TNG Model 3 Super Parlor 416k PDF | 2,022k PDF The smallest standard True North model, with a compact 15” lower bout. Smaller than an OM-sized guitar due to it’s more rounded and flowing lines, think of the Model 3 as a Grand Parlor instrument.

TNG Model 4 Compact Jumbo 426k PDF | 2,083k PDF This Compact Jumbo design is the largest guitar I build. With a 16-1/2” lower bout, its powerful low end and presence is designed for those who prefer an accentuated bass response within a well-balanced sound envelope.

Baritone Models

TNG Model B-1 and B-4 Baritones 462k PDF | 2,287k PDF I offer Baritone models designed around either my Grand Auditorium (Model 1) or Compact Jumbo (Model 4) body styles, in a choice of two scale lengths to accommodate the requirements of various tunings.

Seven-String Models

TNG Model 7 Seven-String 460k PDF | 2,277k PDF A “Jazz Dream” in a contoured cutaway steel-string package, this 7-string instrument provides access to voicing possibilities outside the realm of a 6-string guitar, but with a distinctly different voice than an archtop.

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