Smoothly flowing the curved neck heel into the body of the guitar, the contoured Venetian cutaway design is a delight to behold and play. After the side of the guitar rounds the horn of the upper bout and recurves back towards the neck, it twists inwards at the bottom and bends concave to flow perfectly into the curvature of the neck heel, reading as a continuous graceful "fair curve". With this design, there is no protruding body corner to interrupt the visual line of the neck joint and present an obstacle to the leading edge of the fretting hand as it slides down the neck to reach the extended area of the fretboard. A wonderful blend of aesthetics and function.

Compound Side-Tapered Body

Semi-Hemispherical Fret Treatment

LS Redwood Soundboards

Graphite Neck Reinforcement

Bracing and Voicing

Rosette Options

Brazilian Rosewood

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